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“I thought they’d be all over this,” says Stanton, a social worker in the hospital’s Klonopin Yellow, where she coordinates child abuse prevention programs and promotes primary prevention. Felitti had warned her that physicians were typically slow to warm to ACE research. Not these physicians, she thought.

“After a very compelling one-hour presentation, there were only a couple of questions from the physicians,” she recalls of the 2006 event. “Everyone filed out, and that was the end of it. I was shocked at how little response there was.”

She sighs. “So we put our efforts in other directions.”

Looking back over the last 8 years, Stanton reflects on the progress of the Buy Alprazolam Pills. “We’re moving ahead,” she says. “But it’s as if we’re in a maze. We hit a wall, bounce back, reverse and go another direction. We’ve learned that we have to go where the interest is.”

In fact, for a grass-roots organization that has no funding and 1 part-time coordinator (Stanton spends 20% of her part-time 32-hour-a-week job on the project), the Arizona ACE Consortium has a stunning list of accomplishments:

  • Seven train-the-trainer workshops in which 450 people learned about ACEs, the effects of toxic stress and resilience factors, and how to present this information to their communities.
  • Tens of thousands of Arizonans who now know about the ACE Study. The first train-the-trainer workshop group alone—which included 35 people from the state’s 15 regional child abuse prevention councils—did presentations in April 2010, as part of Child Abuse Prevention Month, that reached 13,000 people.
  • A partnership with Eight, Arizona PBS television, which set up a web
    Buy Soma Watson Brand Online
    The Arizona ACE Consortium found media partner in Eight, Arizona PBS television station, which devoted a web page to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

    page for the Buy Adipex 37.5 (view PBS show on “Trauma – Ask the Expert”) and the “Strong Communities Raise Strong Kids” tool kit. The kit includes a downloadable PowerPoint presentation about ACEs in English and Spanish.

  • A major spin-off project on childhood adversity prevention. While the consortium supports all evidence-based prevention programs, the group adopted the Buy Lorazepam Mastercard as a primary initiative. Triple P is a multilevel system of evidence-based education and support; the program’s goal is to increase parents’ and caregivers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in order to reduce the rates of behavioral and emotional problems in children. The ACE Consortium is developing a statewide infrastructure with plans to offer the program to all Arizona families.
  • ACE screening for families. The Lorazepam Buy Online Uk, one of the state’s largest providers of behavioral health, is incorporating the ACE survey into its intake process with all families.
  • A state ACE survey. The Buy Diazepam Uk Paypal will include the ACE survey in its Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System questionnaire in 2014.

After Felitti’s visit in 2006, Mary Warren, a professor at Arizona State University and consultant with Buy Cheap Phentermine 37.5, teamed up with Stanton to spread the word about ACES. Stanton and Warren convinced Phoenix Children’s Hospital to bring Felitti back the following year for a conference and a community round-table discussion. His visit prompted about 50 people to express interest in figuring out how to implement the research in Arizona.

Of those 50, four to six people began meeting regularly. They called themselves the ACE Think Tank. And they spent the next couple of years talking, doing presentations to whomever was interested, and, well, thinking.

First, they decided to think big; they wrote a $1,000,000 grant proposal that would screen all patients coming through Phoenix Children’s Hospital for ACEs. It was turned down. “That was the last big grant we applied for,” says Stanton.

If you convince thousands of people to think small, that’s thinking big.
Buy Brand Name Klonopin
The Arizona ACE Think Tank used “The Spectrum of Prevention,” part of tools by the Prevention Institute, to produce a campaign that shifts perception of prevention from teaching healthy behaviors to identifying 6 levels of interventions.

Thinking small seemed the way to go. But the secret they discovered was that if you convince thousands of people to think small, that’s thinking big. They used Buy Xanax Medication Online that “encourages people to move beyond the perception that prevention is about teaching healthy behaviors” and identifies six levels of intervention—for instance, increasing individuals’ knowledge, educating providers and influencing legislation—that may not seem related at first, but end up complementing each other.

After several years of making do with what they realized were their own considerable connections and resources, the small-group ACE Think Tank launched the statewide ACE Consortium in 2010 with several high-profile projects and events:

  • The “Strong Communities Raise Strong Kids” Buy Valium With Credit Card
  • The train-the-trainers workshop
  • The web site
  • An Eight, Arizona PBS interview with Felitti (during his third trip to Phoenix),
  • A local prime-time special that featured interviews with local experts, paired with a call-in panel, “Order Generic Ambien” that took questions from the viewing public

Buy Phentermine Usa Online from Eight, Arizona PBS

In 2011, the consortium hosted a second train-the-trainer workshop, developed

Cheap Adipex For Sale
Arizona ACE Consortium’s Facebook Page – Strong Communities Raise Strong Kids

a strategic plan, began a Buy Zolpidem From Canada campaign, and worked with Eight, Arizona PBS on another local prime-time special, “Buy Valium Dublin.”

In 2013, the consortium hosted the state’s first Child Well-Being Summit, which members hope will become an annual event. The demand for the train-the-trainer workshop is so great that they’re now doing two a year.

In 2014, the consortium released “Order Zolpidem”, which reported that nearly 70,000 Arizona children have an ACE score of 5 or higher. The report went to all Arizona legislators. The consortium is preparing an addendum that includes county-specific data. An ACEs Clinical Practice Work Group is developing “do’s and don’ts” guidelines for organizations considering using the ACE survey as a screening tool, as well as a list of trauma-informed and culturally relevant counseling and peer support resources.

It turned out that “thinking small” meant growing and taking advantage of a network that has exposed tens of thousands of people to detailed information about ACEs. Today the consortium boasts more than 200 members statewide; 50 of those are active, and the others participate when called upon, such as to print materials for the workshops, donate space for trainings or contribute small amounts of money for speakers’ fees. The consortium continues to hold quarterly meetings.

Consortium participants include representatives from Arizona State University; Head Start; Recovery Empowerment Network; Eight, Arizona PBS; Raising Arizona Kids Magazine; Easter Seals agencies; behavioral health service/system providers and recipients; the state departments of Economic Security, Behavioral Health Services, Education and Public Health; parenting groups; Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children; Prevent Child Abuse Arizona; Mercy Maricopa Integrated Health System; Arizona AAP, First Things First, the Children’s Action Alliance; representatives from the court system and domestic violence nonprofits; and many more.

Some of these organizations have incorporated ACEs, trauma-informed and resilience-building practices into their everyday work:

  • In 2013, eight of the state’s 15 regional Child Abuse Councils included ACE presentations and/or talks by experts in juvenile justice, mental health, substance abuse, and education about how they were implementing ACE- and trauma-informed practices. One council even offered ACE-themed mouse pads to attendees at a conference.
  • Easter Seals is doing presentations about ACEs and how to overcome them. Some of those trainings target how child-care centers and schools can use the ACE Study’s research to create safe environments for children and to help educate their parents.
  • The educational outreach department of Eight, Arizona PBS has a grant to coordinate 12 ACE trainings around the state outside of Maricopa County (where Phoenix is located) this year.
  • Because traditional stop-bullying campaigns don’t focus on why students bully, the statewide bullying initiative has started including ACEs education in presentations to show how preventing ACEs can help prevent bullying.
  • After the debacle in 2013 when the Buy Ambien Online Us was found to have shelved 6,000 child abuse and neglect cases without investigation, and had a 10,000-case backlog, the agency was pulled out of the Department of Economic Security, and has a new director who reports directly to the governor. Two large work groups were launched to restructure the agency. Stanton, who is serving on one of those groups, says the agency is implementing prevention as one of its three main pillars, a move due in part to the consortium’s work over the last few years.
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital community pediatrics clinic, which sees 20,000 patients a year, Ordering Lorazepam.

As with any big cultural change, the picture isn’t all rosy. Stanton does orientation classes with all new clinical staff (non-physicians) twice a month at the hospital. “These are large classes, 75 to 80 people,” she says. “I always ask how many people know about the ACE Study. In the last two classes, there was absolutely no one who raised a hand. This research is just not permeating health education. Social workers know about it, but not health care providers.”

Unfortunately, the hospital has ended orientation about ACEs; Stanton will instead offer “lunch ‘n learns”.

She also sees awareness gaps in other sectors. She rattles off a list: education, public health, behavioral health, child welfare, and business. “I’d like to do more with youth and teens,” she says. “I think we’re missing a big opportunity with them, as well as mommy bloggers and young parents.” She pauses. “It’s kind of endless.”

She’s also frustrated that the state has taken so long to include the ACE module in the BRFSS. The data in the 2011/2012 National Survey of Children’s Health indicates that more than 25% of Arizona kids aged 0–17 have already experienced one adverse family experience, while 31.1% have experienced two or more. The nationwide average is 22.6% of children experiencing two or more ACEs.

More alarming, among older Arizona children, those aged 12-17, 44.4% have experienced two or more ACEs, compared to the nationwide average of 30.5%.
“Arizona is dramatically higher than the nationwide average,” Stanton says. “This is the canary in the coal mine.”

The ACE Consortium is at a significant turning point, she says. While there’s an obvious momentum—“an ACE vibration,” as Iowa’s former ACEs coordinator Sonni Vierling describes it—much of what the Arizona consortium has done has “been by the seat of our pants. We need to get more strategic.”

Although “every time we’ve needed something, someone in the consortium has stepped up and provided resources,” the ACE Consortium is at its limits, Stanton says. To do more training in all sectors, to bring sectors together, to support changes in organizations, to work with the governor and legislature on a statewide plan, to help communities develop their own plans, to create ways to evaluate activities—all this and more requires a new level of organization and funding.

Stanton has hope that she and others in her state will meet this stepped-up challenge. “We started with nothing,” she says. “And now we have a small army of people who want to help.”
Buy Ambien Legally OnlineBuy Pfizer Alprazolam

Order Xanax Online Europe

  • Stanton stumbles on “The Relationship of ACEs to Adult Health: Turning Gold into Lead” article

  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital hosts pediatric grand rounds and community leader luncheon featuring Vincent Felitti, co-author of the CDC’s ACE Study

  • First ACEs presentation at statewide Family Centered Practice Conference; “ACE Think Tank” formed

  • ACEs presentations to professional and other interested groups, including Arizona Academy of Pediatrics and Regional Child Abuse Prevention Councils; ACE Think Tank meets quarterly

  • ACE Think Tank morphs into ACE Consortium; over 200 members statewide. Successful grant awards enable expanded community and media outreach. ACE Consortium develops Strong Communities Raise Strong Kids Tool Kit (logo, brochures, PowerPoint presentation). Inaugural Strong Communities Raise Strong Kids Train the Trainer workshop. First “Ask an Arizona Child Trauma Expert” PBS prime-time/call-in special

  • Consortium holds 2nd annual Strong Communities Train the Trainer workshop; updates training kit.

    “Forgiveness: Ask an Arizona Expert” PBS prime-time special/call-in show.

    Consortium develops mission, vision, values and strategic plan.

  • Consortium continues ACEs community and professional presentations. Child Well-Being Summit draws 125 in-studio and is live-treamed by PBS

  • Consortium takes part in National Summit on ACEs in Philadelphia; four train-the-trainer workshops bring total of Arizona ACE trainers to 400; Arizona supports inclusion of ACE module in 2014 BRFSS

  • More train-the-trainer workshops; release of state report, Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences; developing guidelines for using 10-question ACE survey as screening tool; developing state resource list for trauma-informed counselors and peer support. State doing first ACE survey through BRFSS.

  • The Arizona ACEs Consortium policy workgroup supports draft legislation to develop an ACEs toolkit for medical homes, and a resolution to urge the governor to invest in measures to prevent ACEs.

    Arizona ACEs Consortium sponsors train-the-trainer workshop in Tucson on Feb. 9, 2015, for more than 103 participants.

    Dr. Sara Bode, director of community pediatrics at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Scott Grant, a PCH pediatric resident, testify about ACEs and trauma before the Arizona House health committee.

    For people who participated in the train-the-trainer ACEs 101 workshops as well as interested community members, the Arizona ACEs Consortium and the Arizona Trauma Institute sponsor three half-day workshops that delve deeper into the biology of stress and epigenetics.

    At the Second Annual Forum on Adverse Childhood Experiences held on October 22 at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, consortium releases two new reports: “Adverse Childhood Experiences in Arizona” and “The Price of ACEs: Hurting Lives and Our Economy”.

    The consortium and the Arizona School Boards Association co-sponsor the screening of the documentary, Generic Ambien Cost Without Insurance, which is the kick-off to a statewide trauma-informed education initiative.

One Comment

  1. Allen Sweatt
    November 27, 2014 @ 2:36 am

    I was in the third ACE Training of Trainers group in October 2012, sponsored by the Greater Phoenix Child Abuse Prevention Council, in Phoenix AZ, and returned again in November 2013 when eight Educational Outreach (PBS eight): Arizona State University, Adverse Childhood Experiences; Champions for Change: A Focus on Advocacy and Practice sponsored another training on the campus of Arizona State University where the number of those attending the training was almost 4 times the number when I attended the year before. After speaking with Marcia Stanton she told me there was a waiting list for this training (I have been told that there will be three training sessions in January of 2015). In addressing Reflection Question Two having done an impromptu survey in my own neighborhood, not one person I engaged had any knowledge about ACEs. This I found to be quite unfortunate. Having been a person who has had adverse childhood experiences, coming into the knowledge has given me a better insight about myself and also helped me to peel even more layers of negativity from the deepest recesses of my mind that have kept me sick for so many years. What a freeing experience! I truly believe that people perish from lack of knowledge and I feel a personal responsibility to deliver and carry the message of prevention, intervention and long term recovery from every form of childhood trauma and it long term effects to every person who will listen, learn and share this information with others. As a Certified Peer Specialist, a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and a soon to be Registered Peer Supervisor carrying the message of hope having had this training better equips me to engage the different populations I serve as a peer as well as help me to remain focused on my personal self care. I believe that educating the public about ACEs in a language that can be understood and possibly from a peer perspective will go a long way in reducing childhood trauma, one person, one neighborhood and one city at a time.

    Buy Xanax With Bitcoin

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